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Autumn River Leaves

Thank you Wild West Roundup Committee, Presenters, and Attendees!

It has been a wild ride coordinating this 2024 Wild West Roundup conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. It's only been made possible by the committed and painstakingly dedicated team of working professionals who collectively sacrificed thousands of volunteer hours organizing the event. Hundreds of emails and videoconferencing meetings across multiple state lines, tapping into many personal networks, and donating numerous individual resources have played key roles in the preparation and planning, all to ensure our friends and colleagues in this niche industry found value and personal growth in attending the conference. Committee members, same as attendees, paid to attend the conference. In addition to personally financing their own travel and accommodations, they also receive no direct monetary reimbursement for their time and ongoing efforts to plan and host the best damn reporter, voice writer, captioner, and legal videographer conference in the West. In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This mantra couldn't be more true as this committee has rallied together to support and build up others in this field. Each and every WWR committee member has a deep, unwavering love for this community and share in the vision to help others succeed and flourish in their respective careers. If you see a committee member while attending the conference, please be sure to give them a high five, a hug, or a simple "thanks" as appreciation for their selfless efforts and dedication to benefit our community in lieu of any personal gain.


A very special thank you to our outstanding industry-leading presenters. You have all paid your own way to travel from all across the country, literally from sea to shining sea, to take part in this conference, pouring hours and hours into preparing your presentation for the benefit of our attendees so that they can enrich their careers and lives with the content you contribute, all for a very very modest amount of monetary reimbursement, truly sharing your expertise and knowledge as a labor of love, not financial gain. We are endlessly grateful for your contribution to making this conference a memorable and magical event for our attendees. As an attendee, please take a moment to thank our presenters. They are real-life rockstars!

As a committee we would also like to thank our incredible attendees for trusting us with this task. We recognize the financial commitment and time you invested based on the hope to benefit from the content we curated. Genuinely, we hope we were able to meet or even exceed your expectations. Obviously, a conference is only as good as the people who attend, and the knowledge, diversity, and comradery you bring to the event is akin to the spice and flavor in a savory hot bowl of chili: it would be bland and lackluster without it. Your engagement by sharing your experience, encouraging others around you, and being a community role model is absolutely priceless. So thank you again!  

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