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Certification & Testing


NVRA Certifications

NVRA certifies voice writers and steno writers as court reporters, realtime reporters, CART providers, and broadcast captioners, as well as other related professionals. Beyond any licensing considerations, NVRA certification clearly demonstrates that the voice writer, steno writer,  or other related professional has attained a level of professionalism and skill well above that of others in the field.

In most states having certification or licensing requirements, NVRA's certifications are accepted in lieu of state testing. National certification through NVRA has a great value because our certifications are honored in so many states. As a result, the voice writer, steno writer, or other related professional can move or work from state to state without the need to retest. Most people also find NVRA testing beneficial due to the "Readiness Workshop" and the total immersion of the test weekend experience.


NVRA offers the following national certifications:
Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR)
Certified Verbatim Reporter - Stenotype (CVR-S)
Certificate of Merit (CM)
Certificate of Merit - Stenotype (CM-S)
Realtime Verbatim Reporter (RVR)
Realtime Verbatim Reporter - Stenotype (RVR-S)
Realtime Verbatim Reporter - Master (RVR-M)
Realtime Verbatim Reporter - Master - Stenotype (RVR-M-S)
Registered Broadcast Captioner - Master (RBC-M)
Registered CART Provider - Master (RCP-M)


For more information and to register for the NVRA sponsored testing segment of the Wild West Roundup conference, visit NVRA's website:

Wild West Roundup.png

Colorado's CRCR Test to be held Saturday, September 21, at 7:30 AM.  Doors open at 7:00 AM.  Doors close at 7:20 AM, and tests are given promptly at 7:30 AM.

The Colorado Realtime Certified Reporter Exam mirrors NCRA’s CRR exam with five minutes of dictation at 200 words per minute. It is designed to test basic realtime skills of working reporters as well as help State of Colorado judicial reporters be realtime certified per Colorado Chief Justice Directive 05-03, II, B(1).

For more information on what the CRCR Test is, please check out the FAQs.
Please note that this certification is only applicable in Colorado.  All are welcome to take it, but it cannot be used as a realtime certification for other states.

Colorado CRCR TEST

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