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Allison Hall
Al Sternberg
Wild Path
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Allison Hall

Have goals but just don’t know how to go about them? Ever wonder if you are
practicing effectively? Whether you are a working reporter, new professional, or a
student, this speed building and focused practice boot camp session will teach you
how to set the practice mood, how to build speed, what to practice, how to get in
testing mode, how to work on accuracy, how to master selective dropping, how to
limit hesitation, how to prioritize your practice, what to do in the weeks and days
leading up to your certification test, how to keep your anxiety and nerves under
wraps, and how to ensure that all practice is focused to maximize your results. Get
ready to practice!

Speed Building & Focused Practice Boot Camp

Tim Falk

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It's truly the Wild West when it comes to how Zoom depositions are recorded. Oftentimes, attorneys just do it themselves by hitting the record button in Zoom, or have the reporter do it for them, in spite of any legal challenges. Or reporting firms hire inexperienced techs to do the same thing for a low hourly rate, replacing the certified legal videographer. If legal videographers can't provide any real value for us to be on the call doing the recording, we may soon find ourselves squeezed out of remote depositions, much like AI threatens the stenography world. How can a legit legal videographer record Zoom depos in a more professional way that inexperienced techs, attorneys, and reporters cannot duplicate? This two-hour seminar will walk through a solution that includes the hardware, software and unique touches that can make your remote presence and your video deliverable stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A More Professional Way To Video Record Zoom Depositions


Al will discuss his years as an officer investigating multiple high-profile murder and fraud cases, how interviews are taken, evidence is collected, analyzed and stored, and then finally how cases are solved utilizing his “unique” investigative techniques.  Al will discuss how understanding the “criminal mind” can lead to solving cases.  Al’s presentation will definitely prove to be very interesting and engaging, and certainly will be a benefit to reporters when covering forensic testimony in either the deposition setting or in the courtroom as well.  Don’t miss this one!

Al Sternberg

Real Criminal Minds & CSI


There's Nothing Wrong With You: You Just Need To Heal!
“Stop Managing Symptoms and Address the Root Cause of Your Unhappiness”

Claire has survived trauma, fought through depression, aids in helping others, and teaches a different approach to mental health.  In her presentation, Claire addresses a step-by-step discovery process that targets root causes, limiting beliefs, authenticity, communication techniques, shedding skins, and an emotional trigger release that can teach all of us how to start turning things around now.

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Kyung will impart to our group her vast knowledge of the business end of working to include discussions regarding the need, or not, for incorporation, profitable practices as a reporter or videographer, and informative discussions about how to expand your profit margin through creative adjustments in how you run your business.
Kyung teaches rate negotiation skills, advantages and details of incorporation, and actually administrates a Facebook page called MONEY TALKS FOR COURT REPORTERS. Kyung is a strong advocate for court reporters and loves to discuss “All Things Money” in your business.


Incorporation: Is It Right For You?


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Voice Writers: Allies in the Court Reporter Shortage

Tori hails from Western North Carolina just a stone’s throw from the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. When Tori takes a needed break from reporting, she spends her time either scoping for others or out on a hiking trail, and definitely camps too long in the many Yadkin Valley wineries with her husband Al Sternberg.   Tori loves to share her passion for reporting, whether it’s as a mentor, CAT trainer, or advocate.  Don’t miss this wealth of information coming to join us at Beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado!

Tori Pittman photo.jpg

A Legal Videographer's Guide to Breaking into the Courtroom (Legally) with Trial Support Services


Hector Cordova

Get ready to blaze a trail from Legal Videographer to Trial Technician in this dynamic session with Hector Cordova, CLVS. Discover how your skills as a videographer can take you into the wild frontier of Trial Technology. Explore the diverse array of trial support services and draw a map to guide you on your path to offering truly professional trial support services. So, gather 'round and get ready to take notes as Hector shares his tried-and-true strategies for growing your business via the courtroom. Don't miss this opportunity to chart your path to success!

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The Speaking Entrepreneur!

Join us in this heartwarming session as we delve into the boundless love and joy that reside within every individual. With a deep belief in the beauty of humanity, Kimberly embarked on her own transformative journey to self-love and abundance. As she spreads this message of love and joy, you'll discover the power of focusing on the good in the world. Kimberly's mission to empower you to follow your path to happiness is truly inspiring.  Unlock your kingdom of happiness with Kimberly Powe, as she's betting on you, on herself, and on us – a liberated we. Your joy is her joy!


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Andrea Kreutz

Participants will learn how to start a legal videography business and ensure that it is successful.  Learn how to go about filling your calendar and making smart business decisions.  Discover how to partner with the best firms and cultivate your market.  Become proficient in assuring you are paid in a timely manner for your time and skills.

Building, Sustaining, and Growing a Legal Videography Business.

Joshua Edwards

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Join us for StenoMasters, the first ever free public speaking club for stenographers everywhere. Learn the fundamentals of public speaking such as timing, word choice, vocal variety, eye contact, body language, and structuring your presentation to have a beginning, middle, and end.


Becoming a confident public speaker will help us all be better able to advocate for our field. StenoMasters is a place to share your stories and learn from your peers. This will be a highly interactive, low-pressure seminar. Even if you’re among the large portion of the population which fears public speaking more than death itself, by the end you will see just how much fun it can be. 

Mike Hensley photo.jpg

Mike Hensley

Mike will discuss software advancements, cover essential technological accessories, and delve into professional practices to enhance workflow efficiency. Learn about all the modern tools offering insights
to elevate your court reporting experience. This seminar is a must to optimize your skills in the ever-evolving landscape of court reporting technology.

Spreadsheets Can Save the Day

Get ready to discover the exciting power of spreadsheets! Learn the tricks of the trade, from basic formulas to fancy formatting, and watch as chaos turns into clarity before your very eyes. But wait, there's more! We're not just talking about boring old numbers here. Spreadsheets can be your secret weapon in court reporting and beyond! Who knew Excel could be this exciting? Don't miss out on the fun! Join us and become a spreadsheet superhero in no time. It's time to save the day, one cell at a time!

Tech Talk 2024

Nicholas Simms

Cyber Hygiene

Just like daily toothbrushing protects you from cavities, what daily steps are you taking to prevent malware, ransomware, and other cyber attacks on your private info and that of your clients? In this course you'll learn how to recognize and avoid phishing and smishing, securely manage your transcripts and other essential documents, and overall best practices you can apply right away to lower your risk of being hacked. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and your defenses should be too!

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DAVid Tackla

Dave will be describing how to do a two-camera picture-n-picture video, with Trial Pad, Elmo, or any other source to make a compelling video that will focus the jury’s attentiveness beyond the usual one camera Doc-N-T-Box, talking head that all juries see. In todays modern courtroom it is important that attorneys understand they are in the entertainment industry. Dave will highlight valuable 2 camera techniques that tackle shorter attention spans and help create a story for jurors to invest their interest in. With that he will demonstrate how to maximize your value and efficacy to your clients so that they will use you and only you for all their videorecording needs.

2 Cameras are Better Than One

Phoebe Moorhead

Unique Gigs Panelist

Phoebe shares her extensive knowledge and experience in acquiring and excelling in high profile gigs. Her expertise is invaluable and she's here to show you how to get on those unicorn cases too.

Phoebe Moorhead, RPR, CRR.PNG
MJR Headshot 2024.jpg

Michael J. Rourke

On December 20, 1984, 12 year old Jonelle Matthews was dropped off at her home following a middle school Christmas choir concert.  She walked in to her dark home in west Greeley, Colorado and was never seen again.  A 37-year search and criminal investigation ensued, yet her disappearance remained Northern Colorado’s greatest mystery—where was Jonelle?
Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke, Assistant District Attorney Robb Miller and Chief Investigator Mike Prill will detail the scope of this investigation: from her disappearance in December 1984 to President Ronald Reagan mentioning her by name in a speech; from becoming a milk carton child to the discovery of her remains, Rourke, Miller and Prill will attempt to unravel the mystery.  Their story will conclude with the longest criminal trial in Weld County history.

Vanished…The Kidnapping and Murder of Jonelle Matthews

Amy Armstrong
CVR-RVR, Certified Eclipse Vox trainer

Capturing the Record with Confidence

This session will encompass the ways in which we, as voice writers, manage the  challenges we face with in-person and remote work during freelance depositions,  court work, and captioning jobs.

Amy Armstrong, CVR, RVR.jpg
Kim Ray, CVR, RVR.jpg

Kim Ray

Real-time voice writing can be challenging, but with practice and the right tools, it can become a valuable asset Here we'll cover great tips and tricks like: practicing regularly, using high-quality equipment, nailing the vocabulary, and how to effectively use the voice writing software.

Top Tips and Tricks for Realtime Voicewriting

Brett L. Bova

Digital Marketing for the Everyday Legal Videographer

In the digital marketing age, it can be quite overwhelming to know how to use all of the tools available to you. Where do you even start? What social media platform is the best for you and your message? How does blogging help your website? How do you keep cultivating these things once you've gotten started?


Digital marketing can be quite effective, and the good news is that you don’t have to go big all at once. You can start small and build upon it as you find your footing. This seminar will take you through the basics, give you some ideas of where to start, and give you the tools to continue your learning beyond. All you need is a learning mindset!

Brett Headshot.JPG

Stay Tuned...
There's Even More to come!

Tim Falk
Claire Uncapher
Kyung Lee-Green
Tori Pittman
Andrea Kreutz
Joshua Edwards
Mike Hensley
Nicholas Simms
Dave Tackla
Phoebe Moorhead
Michael J. Rourke
Amy Armstrong
Kim Ray
Brett Bova
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